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Bicycle Accidents

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The attorneys in Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin specialize in bike accident cases.Let us be your bicycle accident attorneys. 

There are more and more bicycle riders on the road each year. The average age of riders is increasing. Cycling is a great way to commute, a great way to exercise and a great way to see the beautiful state of Maine. But it can be dangerous. 

By law, bicycles on the roadway are vehicles, with the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. Yet cyclists are oftentimes not treated with respect by other vehicles.There are also specific Maine laws that protect cyclists, such as the law that requires a minimum of three feet between a passing motorist and a cyclist. Unfortunately many drivers are unaware of this law or do not follow it. 

More Cyclists and More Accidents:

In 2016, there were 840 bicyclists killed in crashes with other vehicles in the United States. As you might imagine, when a crash occurs between motor vehicle and a bike rider, it's the rider who is more often injured.

Whether you are a commuting cyclist, an avid trainer or just a recreational bike rider, we can help you if you have been injured in an accident with a car, truck or other vehicle.There are new ways of succeeding in a cycling accident case, even when the other side is blaming you.Let us help you with legal assistance consistent with cutting edge technology and Maine law. 

The majority of accidents involving bicycles take place in urban environments.The majority of bike accident cases take place at intersections.  

Attorney Chris Causey is an avid cyclist. If you or a family member has been in a cycling accident or bike accident, call Chris for a free consultation at (207) 324-4422.

Also, for answers to frequently asked questions about what to do after an accident, view this link: (link to separate page)

Let Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin be your bicycle accident attorneys.

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