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Car Accidents

Car Accident Representation:

Over the years, the attorneys at Bourque Clegg Causey and Morin have recovered millions of dollars for victims of car accidents.  We specialize in representing people just like you, who have unfortunately been injured by someone else's negligent driving. Whether you were rear-ended at a traffic stop or t-boned by a driver making a dangerous turn, we know how to handle your claim and maximize your financial recovery.   

Let us Deal with the Insurance Companies so You Do Not Have To:

Just after the accident is a very vulnerable time. We suggest you do NOT sign a written statement or allow any insurance company to record you while an adjuster asks you questions about the accident.  It is okay to tell the insurance you will not allow them to record you. Likewise, we do not suggest that you accept any money initially offered by the insurance company just after your accident.  It is our experience and opinion that these offers are to make your injury claim go away quickly and cheaply. Accepting the initial offer is not in your best interest.  Instead, we suggest you tell the insurance company representative that you are going to speak to an attorney first.      

Free Consultation with an Attorney, Right Away:

At Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin, we offer a free comprehensive consult for your car accident case.  

The purpose of the free consult is to offer you information that you do not have from a trusted source.  Contrary to what the insurance company for the other driver has told you, it is not on your side. We are. Sometimes your own insurance company can be difficult. We can help you deal with them also.  

During the free consult we will fully analyze your claim and offer you advice.  If your case is a car accident case, we will retrieve a police accident report (at our cost) to determine how the police view the case.  If witnesses are listed, we may contact them.  We will discuss your injuries, your treatment and even help you formulate a plan. We will contact your doctors.   We will offer you very simple advice for the sole purpose of helping you and we will do it for free.    

If at the end of the consult we think you need a lawyer, we will offer to represent you. Even if we do not offer our representation to you, we will still give you our advice for free.      

Once we take you on as a client, our lawyers and staff do all the work for you regarding your case.  That means, we gather all your medical records and bills.  We instruct you on where the sources of money are for the payment of your medical bills while your claim is unresolved.  Many people think the insurance company (for the person-at-fault) pays the medical bills as they (the injured person) recover.  This is not true and often upsetting to people.  The insurance company for the person at-fault will make one-and-only-one-payment to settle your claim.  That is why it is unwise to settle the claim until you have fully recovered from your injuries or have been told by your doctor that you are at a point where you will not get any better (maximum medical improvement). 

Once we have gathered all the information necessary to make a demand, we do so in a formal written package that includes photographs, investigation records, medical records and bills, lost wage information and a complete narrative of the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life you have suffered because of another's fault.  We take an interactive approach to this, that involves your final review before submission.  We craft these demand packages in a way that coincides with how the insurance company will assign value.  After submission, the insurance company will generally contact us within 30 days with an offer of settlement.  This initial offer is not often the best offer the insurance company will make.  We will quite often negotiate further, referring to the facts and evidence in the settlement demand letter.  We may allow the insurance company to meet you in person (with us by your side).  This is another place where our expertise in negotiating these claims can bring additional value to you.   Again, the focus is always maximizing your recovery for your benefit.  You will know at every dollar amount offered by the insurance company, how much money you will receive.  In this way you can make a fully informed decision about whether to accept the offer or not. If the offer is not fair, we will take the responsible driver and his or her insurance company to Court through a law suit and fight for your recovery in the court system.  

Our goal is to recovery you the maximum amount possible so that you become another of our satisfied clients. Please review testimonials from satisfied clients to help you decide if Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin is right for you.  

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