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Concussion and Brain Injury

The Attorneys of Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin specialize in concussion and brain injury cases.   

Many car accidents result in concussions and other brain injuries.  You do not need to hit your head to receive a concussion.  Sometimes when your car is struck from behind by another vehicle, it causes you to be shoved forward and then have your head snap back.  This is commonly referred to as whiplash.  The same can occur if your car or truck is t-boned or side swiped. 

If extreme enough, this motion can cause concussion.  Other causes can be striking your head against a windshield, an airbag, a side window. 

Concussions and other brain injuries do not always show themselves outwardly. Concussions and brain injuries may not show up on a CT scan or x-ray.  A person can look fine outwardly but be suffering from short-term memory loss, mood swings, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, isolation and other emotional and psychological symptoms.    

You may find yourself not able to function at your job.  You may find yourself tired or unable to cope with problems that were easy to solve in the past. You might be losing your car keys or misplacing files at work or unable to do simple calculations.  You may find yourself unable to control your emotions for reasons you can't explain.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away and explain to your doctor that these started after your car accident.

Then call us.  We have successfully recovered settlements for our clients who suffered brain injury, concussion and post concussive syndrome.

These cases can be complicated and delicate, not only in terms of the medicine, but in showing how the accident caused the condition and showing how the condition has impacted all aspects of a person's life.   It is important that you have an attorney who knows what to look for and how to present the evidence in a way that maximizes the value of your case and secures successful settlement. We have learned how to work with our clients, their doctors and accident reconstructionists to present the best case and secure money for our clients.

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