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Partition Actions: When Unmarried Couples/Cohabitants Split

Partition Actions: Many millennials and other couples live together with their partner without getting married. The number of couples who live together as opposed to getting married, increases each year. Many couples cohabitate for years. Cohabitation sometimes involves jointly owned pieces of real estate and other property. It almost always involves sharing expenses. Sometimes one partner will contribute to the mortgage on property owned by the other for years.  

For those couples living together but not married in Maine, there is no legal recognition of a “common law” marriage. Maine does not offer a divorce proceeding for those couples not married, even if they own real estate and other property together. However, there is a way to equitably (fairly) divide what you own. This is called a partition action. The attorneys at Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin have experience handling partition actions, whether brought by us on behalf of our clients or in defending such actions brought by others. There are also other ways of achieving remedies if you have contributed to your partner's business or financial benefit and believe you have been taken advantage of. Call the attorneys at Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin today at (207) 324-4422 for a consult. Someone will be able to assist you right away. 

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