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Premises Liability

Hurt on Someone Else's Property

The Attorneys of Bourque Clegg Causey & Morin specialize in premises liability cases. 

Premises liability is the term used to describe when someone is hurt on someone else's property because the owner of that property did not maintain it in a safe condition. 

Were you or a family member or loved one hurt on someone else's property? If you were hurt on someone else's property because the owner did not maintain the property in a safe condition, you may have a claim we can help you with. 

You may have been hurt at someone's house, at your apartment complex, at a business, a camp or a hotel.  You may have fallen at someone's Airbnb. You may have been hurt in a municipal or state-owned building, on a college campus.   You may have fallen on an icy sidewalk or handicap ramp that was not property maintained by a maintenance company.   

Perhaps something fell on you from above or you slipped and fell at your local supermarket while shopping.

Bad Staircases, Front Steps and Walkways...

There are many old buildings in Maine and some of these have bad staircases that do not comply with the current building and safety code requirements.  Perhaps a handrail is missing on a staircase or the stairs are too steep. Perhaps the height of each stair is too high or there are loose boards.    

We have helped many people recover fair compensation for fall accidents that were the fault of the landowner.  We work with engineers and building code experts who can tell us if the unsafe condition was not code-compliant.

Insurance companies do not like to pay compensation on these types of cases.  You may have already been told that the fall is your fault, that you have an obligation to watch where you are going, etc.

If you have fallen because of a dangerous condition, we suggest that you take a photo of the condition as it existed when you fell.  Use your phone or have a friend use their phone.  Make sure you get the medical attention you need. 

Then call us at (207) 324-4422. We will meet with you at a free consultation and discuss your claim, your injuries and your best course of action.

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